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How Air Conditioning System Used in Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated Homes

Air conditioners can be seen as energy suckers and environmental sins. The new prefabricated homes are designed to temper hot summers smartly.

Comfort versus sustainability

Conscious use of resources and energy is becoming more important. Saving is good manners when nature is at risk and energy prices continue to rise.

However, reducing your consumption is not enough. It is difficult to keep our bodies healthy if we have small children or family members who need care. The latest prefabricated houses are affordable. The highly optimized, controlled living area ventilation heat can be optimally used in winter, including the waste heat, thanks to the control.

This sophisticated cycle also creates a cooling effect in your rooms during summer – without the need for additional air conditioning units.

According to the Oregon prefab cabins Specialists, Clever building technology preserves your environment while maintaining the quality of your stay.


Principle of providing fresh, clean air in prefabricated house

How does the principle of providing fresh, clean air to a prefabricated house while conserving energy work? Prefabricated home builders that are experts in building technology use controlled ventilation with heat loss.

This means that fresh air, also heated according to the outside temperature, can be brought into your rooms even when you close the windows. These new  system’s benefits are:

  • Fresh, healthy air that isn’t contaminated by draughts
  • No more complicated and time-consuming ventilation procedures “by hand”.
  • Heater cost savings by heating with optimal ventilation
  • Most new prefab home has the system as standard
  • The heat from the old atmosphere is used again, but it’s not heated by the new air.
  • Significantly reduced intrusion from the outside of noise, pollen, or heat/cold
  • Special filters can be ordered to protect against pollutants, fine dust, and odors. This is a great blessing for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Eligible in combination with an air-water heat pump

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Heat recovery and controlled ventilation in the prefabricated house

The system is optimally designed to draw in fresh air from outside continuously – and quietly. It can be adjusted to your floor plan to fit your living space and your feel-good requirements.

The air is filtered and distributed in all rooms without draft. This is done without the need to open any windows. Everything works automatically. A heat exchanger makes sure that heat from old air is removed and recovered. The heat is then returned to the fresh air.

This principle works so well that you can recover up to 90% of heat from your prefabricated house. The integral device is compact and can be used to heat, cool, ventilate and heat with one device.

The prefabricated home specialists will help you to understand how energy awareness and living comfort can work together.

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