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How to Do the Residential Moving With Pets?


Moving house is a big deal. If you have pets and want to know how to do a house move, then this article will help you. We will tell you how to make your move stress-free: Step by step for you and your four-legged friend.


Moving with a Cat

A move can be difficult for dogs, but it is even more so for cats. Cats are routine animals. There are simple ways to make the novelty for your cat more enjoyable, such as using his playful nature and love of boxes. You can set up a room with open, cut-out, and empty boxes.

The strongest boxes will be superimposed on the weaker ones. Finally, add the closed parcels for the move. Thus, the cat will experience the first changes and preparation almost as a game.


Moving with a dog

It is possible to arrange for the dog to visit the new house prior to the actual move? This will allow him to get used to the new surroundings and perhaps even the garden. Also, If you are in Canada you may want to know about the best ways of shipping furniture across Canada.

You could also associate the experience with something very pleasant, such as a game or a prize of food.

Dogs will be happy to find familiar elements in a new home. It is best for sight and smell that the dog continues to use the same scratching posts, mats, and bunks that he knows, as well as his scent, even if they are not being washed.

We keep some of his pheromones with him in this environment. It is also important to not make any changes to his environment: his food, litter, and box must remain the same as they are used to prevent stress.


Important precautions to take when moving with pets

Your veterinarian may recommend that you use diffusers in your home. These can be used to spray the pheromones to aid in acclimatization.

These products don’t create any odors for people except for the slight alcohol scent that can be felt within the first few minutes. For cats and dogs, the best rule of thumb is to keep their blankets, pillows, and other objects with their original scent, and not wash them.

Also while doing other house packing you should know how to pack a large mirror for moving.


We make it easy for four-legged friends to travel.

It all depends on how long the trip is and what the animal’s habits are. If there has been no car sickness, the vehicle can be used as a normal harness, pet carrier, or van.

If your pet is going on a longer or more difficult journey, ensure that they have something to drink and that the temperature does not exceed the limit.

Do you find it difficult to disassemble your cat scratching post or dog house? Just contact us a professional moving company they’ll take care of everything from dismantling and packaging to transportation and reassembling. This service is very convenient and can be used for any type of furniture or household appliance.

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